Printing house "Spaudos kontūrai"

The printing house “SK” (Spaudos kontūrai) is one of the largest, state-of-the industry printing facilities in the Baltic and Central Europe. From the very entrance the largest producer of magazines, catalogues and commercial press pleasantly surprises its customers. Arriving to the Company’s address you will be mildly astonished to see that there is no traditional industrial building – the Printing House is as if hiding in a slope of a hill, is energy-efficient and does not distort the local landscape. Such architectural and technological solution symbolizes the essence of “SK” – innovativeness, state-of-the-art and eco-friendliness. The interior reveals other characteristics – quality, flexibility, professionalism and pace.

This was appreciated both by the Lithuanian publishers and outstanding foreign customers: the biggest contracting printing house in the Baltic States and Central Europe “SK” with annual turnover of 20 million EUR is exporting the bulk, i.e. 80% of its production. “SK” boasts the orders entrusted to it by publishers of the highest quality periodicals. This is evidenced by towing vehicles continuously driving to and away from the ramp and operatively loaded with pallets of printed matter. Inscriptions on the vehicles testify to the wide geography of export.Customers often seek a complex solution which is offered by “SK” – customs, transport services, delivery of production in 24 hours. 

List of outstanding customers

The Printing House established in 2000 is also one of the most modern printing houses in the region. In 2003-2004 and 2008-2009 the Company’s investments in up-to-date printing equipment exceeded 20 million EUR. Technological lines of acquired roll offset 16 and 32 sheet printing machines are humming without interruption and what is the most important – they contribute to higher production efficiency of the Company and creation of a new product of higher value added. While being the market leader among producers of the highest printing quality publications and magazines and catalogues of large circulations the Company has not completely given up the manual work. This type of work is used when it is necessary to satisfy extra needs of customers. The client is well aware of the Company’s “CAN-DO” attitude on the job. Handmade products are exceptionally expensive all over the world, however “SK” with its skilful team of professionals is able to satisfy every wish of the customer quickly and – what is the most important – for a reasonable price.

Employees – from generation to generation

Great attention to creativeness is characteristic of the entire team of 140 employees of “SK”. As professionals of the Printing House demonstrate a very reasonable and creative attitude towards customer needs clients often get more than expected. Some employees work for the Company with their families; some printing specialists are already second generation working for the Company with secrets of their profession taken from parents. Employees of all generations at “SK” feel like home in because the atmosphere prevailing here reminds of life of one big family. Such relationships are a component part of the creative attitude


Good equipment is basis of quality.


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