PREPRESS: CtP – reliable and precise technology


Speed: 40 A1 format printing forms/hour, at 2400dpi.

HEIDELBERG Topsetter PF102

Speed: 20 A1 format printing forms/hour, at 2400dpi.

Useful information for customer:

We accept PDF files corresponding to PDF/X-1a Standard.

More info about files preparation you may find here.

For any info regarding files preparation for CtP technology, you may call: +370 5 210 67 10.

SHEET FED PRINTING – convincing union of colors and quality: MAN ROLAND 7063BLV

The biggest format: 740x1040mm.

The smallest format: 340x480mm.

Max printing width: 715x1020mm.

Printing formula: 6x0.

Extra water based warnish unit with spot warnish option.

Expanded infrared dryer.

Printing speed: 16 000sheets/hour.

Useful information for customer:

Colors: 4+4CMYK; 5+5; 6+6 (hexachrome :CMYK+orange+green) and variuos combinations.

Varnishing in - line: gloss and matt, primer and spot warnishing..

Min paper thickness -40micrones, max-100 micrones.

RCI-automatic color control control - every 200th sheet is tested.

CIP 3 protocol support.

WEB OFFSET – an excellent quality in the highest speed
Manroland Rotoman 50 16pg Heat- set web offset press

Max. printing speed: 50 000 cyl. rev./hour.

Cut-off length: 630mm. max. roll width: 965mm.

Useful information for customer:

Formats: A5, A4, A3, double parallel and delta foldings. Paper grammage: 36-115g/m2.

Double paper remoistening system in order to avoid paper waving and decrease electrostatic charge.

Possibility to produce A4(16,12,8 pg) production „in-line finished“.

CIP 3 protocol support.

Automatic color register.

MANROLAND LITOMAN IV 32pg Heat- set web offset press

Max printing speed: 70 000 sheets/hour.

Cut-off length: 630mm.

Max. roll width: 965mm.

Useful information for customer:

Formats: A4, A3, paper grammage: 36-115g/m2.

Possibility to print sections collected and stright.

CIP 3 protocol support.

Automatic color register.

Muller Martini 300

Suitable to produce A5, A4, A3 and intermediary format brochures.

Speed: 14 000 copies /hour.

Gatherers: 10.

Useful information for customer:

8 automatic gatherers,1 manual.

Max quantity of sections -9 and cover.

Cover paper grammage –from 80g/m2 and highier.


Suitable to produce A5, A4, A3 and intermediary format brochures.

Speed: 13 000 copies/hour.

Gatherers: 6.

AMRYS control system. Possibility to produce A5 and A4 (landscape) brochures in a double parallel way.

Useful information for customer:

6 Gatherers.

Max number of sections – 5 and cover.

Grammage of cover paper- from 80g/m2 and more.


The biggest format: 510x305mm.

The smallest format: 140x100mm.

Max block thickness: 60mm.

Min block thickness: -3mm.

The widest cover (opened): 642mm, the narrowest cover: 230mm.

Speed: 10 000 cycles/hour.

Gathering stations: 18.

Useful information for customer:

Formats: max-A3, min –A5.
Block thickness: from 3mm to 40mm.
Glue: hotmelt.
Covers variety: from 4pg, 6pg and 8pg.

Folding: Stahl KD78/6KTTL

The biggest folding format: 78x116cm.

The smallest folding format: 14x18cm.

Maximum speed cycles/hour:

Parallel:over 20 000.

With one crossfold: over 14 000.

Three foldings: over 4 000.

Useful information for customer:

Folding variety: up to 6 parallel foldings.

Various perforations.

Automatic bigging and glueing in the process of folding possibility.

Hand work

Hand work can be very expensive and time consuming, but our printing house offers welcomed solution – “flying” professional team of the workers, which save time and cost. It`s a “win-win” solution for our customers.


Good equipment is basis of quality.


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